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The Kumite is the ultimate tournament, the contest grounds for heroes divine and villains wicked. Here, recoil from the carnage mind-bending horrors leave behind in the arena, and witness the martial valor of the beings elevated far beyond human capacity. Choose your hero. Choose your family. Choose your path through the savage bracket.

The families of the Kumite are bound by covenant and by blood shed in battle. No combatant enters the madness of the arena alone: every fighter carries the dreams and principles of their family on their shoulders. Whether it is the Angels’ unwavering belief in the abstract ideal, or the Berserker’s glorification of primordial wrath, every warrior strives to prove the superiority of their family’s way of life.
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What you get for holding your NFT:

  • An original Kumite NFT, minted on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Derivative and commercial rights with your NFT *
  • Special role on Discord
  • First access to Kumite NFT comic books
  • DApps
  • Entry to Kumite Vortex Tournament 2022
  • Airdrops (collectibles and trading cards)
  • Staking rewards earned in the Training Center
  • Early access to future HeroMaker Collections
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Are you a hero? Do you heed purpose, strive for the good and the fine, shelter the broken and the weak? Or are you a wretched villain, fighting your way up from the dregs of society? Will you lay claim to freedom and eternal glory? Find your champion, and prepare for war in the Kumite.

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